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Do You Have Questions About Filing Ch. 7 Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

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We Can Help You File Ch. 7 Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Congratulations on taking the first step toward getting out of debt. At Prepare My Chapter 7, we have prepared Ch. 7 bankruptcy forms for hundreds of people in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Let’s chat to discuss how our services can help you. 

Prepare My Chapter 7 Is a Debt Relief Agency

Before you book your free 15-minute consultation, here’s what you should know. Prepare My Chapter 7 is not a law firm. We prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms for people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer. Prepare My Chapter 7 operates as a debt relief agency according to Section 110 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

We Cannot Provide Legal or Financial Advice

During your phone consultation, we cannot provide legal advice or guidance. However, we can answer your questions about the bankruptcy process. We cannot tell you how bankruptcy will affect your financial situation. If you need legal guidance, consult with a local bankruptcy attorney.

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