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7 Facts You Should Know About Filing Bankruptcy in MD

7 Facts You Should Know About Filing Ch. 7 Bankruptcy in MD

COVID-19 is causing all types of financial problems for thousands of Maryland residents . These include unemployment, evictions, mortgage loan defaults and automobile repossessions. As a result, many people are filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy in MD to get relief from debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate consumer debts, temporarily stop home foreclosures and stop creditor

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7 Reasons People File Bankruptcy

7 Reasons People File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland

Reasons People File Bankruptcy Key Points: Excessive medical bills account for 66% of bankruptcy filings. Top 7 reasons people file bankruptcy are medical bills, divorce, unemployment, poor financial management, lack of financial planning, living paycheck to paycheck and civil judgments. In 2020, more than 20,000 personal and business bankruptcy cases will be filed by Maryland

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