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DC Bankruptcy Form Prep

DC Bankruptcy Form Prep Services

Looking for an affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy service in Washington, D.C.? Prepare My Chapter 7 can help. We prepare Chapter 7 forms for people who file bankruptcy in the District of Columbia.

If you live or work in the Nation’s Capital, you know everything in this city is expensive. This includes District of Columbia Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers.

The average cost to hire a bankruptcy lawyer in the District of Columbia is $2200. This cost may increase if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a spouse.

Our DC bankruptcy form prep fees are $200 for individual filers and $225 for joint filers.

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Benefits of DC Bankruptcy Form Prep

When used responsibly, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can a powerful tool. Thousands of people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington, D.C. every years. Bankruptcy can provide relief from a variety of consumer debts.

DC Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help

Prepare My Chapter 7 – Your Affordable Non-Attorney Bankruptcy Solution

It’s hard to afford high attorney fees if your finances are hanging on by a thread. That’s the reason we offer affordable bankruptcy preparation services in the District of Columbia.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation fees are inexpensive when compared to District of Columbia bankruptcy lawyer fees. You can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees when you enroll in our service.

Are DC Bankruptcy Form Prep Services Legal?

Yes. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court allows people to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy pro se – without a lawyer. If you file bankruptcy without a lawyer, you will have to manage your case on your own.

Prepare My Chapter 7 is not a law firm. We can prepare your Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, but we can’t represent you in court or provide legal guidance.

Common Questions About DC Bankruptcy Prep Services

As of August 2020, the bankruptcy court filing fee in the District of Columbia is $335.

If you filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past, you can file again 8 years from the date that you filed.

The District of Columbia Bankruptcy Court’s address is 333 Constitution Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20001.

Bankruptcy trustees have the power to sell your property in a bankruptcy case. Exemptions are laws that protect personal property and real estate from being sold to pay your creditors. There are federal and state bankruptcy exemptions. The District of Columbia Bankruptcy Court allows filers to use both.

State and federal bankruptcy exemptions can protect:

  1. Household Goods
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Furniture
  5. Musical Instruments
  6. Residential Property
  7. Retirement Accounts
  8. Social Security Benefits
  9. Unemployment Benefits
  10. Worker’s Compensation
  11. Child Support
  12. Personal Property Awards
  13. Crime Victim Awards
  14. Unemployment Compensation
  15. Public Benefits

Where to File Ch. 7 Bankruptcy in the District of Columbia

D.C. Bankruptcy Court - E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse

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