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Searching for an affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy service in Maryland? Prepare My Chapter 7 can help. We prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms for people who file bankruptcy in Maryland without a lawyer.

Living in Maryland can be expensive. If you have a lot of debt, it is easy to miss payments or default on loans. 

Depending on your budget, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is a good idea. After all, bankruptcy attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide you through a bankruptcy case. What are your options if you can’t afford a Maryland bankruptcy attorney?

Fortunately, Prepare My Chapter 7 is available. If you decide to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer, we may be able to help you.

Our Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation fees are $125 for individual filers and $125 for joint filers. Need Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms prepared within (3) days? We can help!

Why Do People Use MD Bankruptcy Form Prep Services?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a tool that people use to discharge consumer debts. Each year, thousands of people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland

Prepare My Chapter 7 - Your Non-Attorney Bankruptcy Solution in Maryland

At Prepare My Chapter 7, our goal is to provide affordable access to the Maryland bankruptcy courts. We believe every person who needs to file bankruptcy should have the opportunity to do so.

Prepare My Chapter 7 doesn’t provide legal advice or guidance. However, our services play an important role in the bankruptcy process.

We prepare Ch. 7 forms that you can file to start your case. Save hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees when you enroll in our bankruptcy services.

Are MD Bankruptcy Form Prep Services Legal?

United States Bankruptcy laws allow people to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy pro se – without a lawyer. If you file bankruptcy in Maryland without hiring a lawyer, it is your responsibility to manage the case on your own. 

Prepare My Chapter 7 does not manage our client’s bankruptcy cases. Our only role is to prepare your bankruptcy documents. We cannot guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Common Questions About MD Bankruptcy Form Prep

As of August 2020, the bankruptcy court filing fee in Maryland is $335.

You can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland 8 years after the date that you filed your last Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Maryland bankruptcy courts are located in Greenbelt and Baltimore. There is a Salisbury location. However, you cannot file bankruptcy forms in Salisbury.

The address of the Greenbelt bankruptcy court is 6500 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770.

The address of the bankruptcy court in Baltimore is 101 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

For more information about bankruptcy courts in Maryland, visit the District of Maryland Bankrupty Court website.

Explore the resources for parties who file bankruptcy without lawyers on the District of Maryland website.

Bankruptcy trustees have the authority to sell your property in a Maryland bankruptcy case. Exemptions are laws that protect personal property and real property from being sold to pay your creditors. There are federal and state bankruptcy exemptions. You can only use state exemptions in Maryland.

Maryland bankruptcy exemptions can protect:

  1. Household Goods
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Musical Instruments
  5. Residential Property
  6. Retirement Accounts
  7. Social Security Benefits
  8. Unemployment Benefits
  9. Worker’s Compensation
  10. Child Support
  11. Personal Property Awards
  12. Crime Victim Awards
  13. Public Benefits
  14. Bank accounts (up to a certain amount)

U.S. District Court - District of Maryland (Baltimore)

Maryland Baltimore Bankruptcy Court

Are you carrying too much debt?

Let Prepare My Chapter 7 help you eliminate your credit card bills, medical bills, loans, wage garnishments, bank levies and more!