Ch 7 Bankruptcy Process

Looking for a quick and affordable Ch. 7 bankruptcy form prep service in Maryland, DC or Virginia? Here's an overview of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation services are 100% online – via email and phone. You won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule for office visits or in-person meetings.

Just provide us with information about your income, debts and property through our online portal. We’ll prepare your Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms within three (3) business days.

Benefits of hiring us to prepare your bankruptcy forms include:

  • No expensive bankruptcy attorney fees
  • Manage your bankruptcy case on your own
  • Stop creditor calls
  • Eliminate debts
  • Stop wage garnishments and bank levies 

How Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Works

Can’t afford Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer fees? Hire Prepare My Chapter 7 to complete your bankruptcy forms. 

Our affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy process: 

We’ll prepare all the forms you’ll need to start your bankruptcy case. After we finish your forms, you can file them with your local bankruptcy court.

1. Sign Up


Register on our online client portal (COMING 11-1-2020) and pay preparation fee via PayPal.

Upload your creditor list and income information to the portal.

Select a date and time for your 45-minute phone consultation on our online calendar. 

Receive a call from one of our representatives for your phone consultation.




2. Preparation


Preparer completes your forms withing three (3) business days.

Review your forms on the client portal to make sure they are correct.

Tell us about any errors that you notice through the client portal.

Preparer corrects the errors and sends final copy of the forms to you via online client portal.

3. Print and File


Print your forms to file with your local bankruptcy court.

Sign your Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms in the correct spaces.

File your forms with your local bankruptcy court.

Pay the filing fee directly to the bankruptcy court.

Receive a receipt with your bankruptcy case number from the court.

Manage your bankruptcy case until you receive your discharge.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Are you carrying too much debt?

Let Prepare My Chapter 7 help you eliminate your credit card bills, medical bills, loans, wage garnishments, bank levies and more!