Trusted Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

 Thinking of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland, DC or Virginia without an attorney? Prepare My Chapter 7 can help. We prepare Chapter 7 forms for pro se bankruptcy filers.

If your bills are high and your money is low, take action. Ignoring past-due bills won’t make them go away.Take the first step to eliminate your debts. Speak with a representative at Prepare My Chapter 7 today.

File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Why File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Old debts have a negative impact on your life. They keep your credit score low. Eliminate medical bills, debts from civil judgments, credit card bills, wage garnishments and more. Use bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Peace of Mind

Owing money that you cannot pay is stressful. Debt can cause sleepless nights, health problems and depression. Get rid of debt and restore your peace of mind.

Stop Creditor Harrassment

Stop Creditor Calls

Are creditors calling day and night? File bankruptcy to get an automatic stay.  Stop creditors from calling you about your bills.

Non- Attorney
Ch. 7 Bankruptcy Preparation

Ready to file bankruptcy without a lawyer

We’ll prepare your Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms. You file them with the court. 

Our service includes the preparation of the official and local bankruptcy forms you’ll need to start your Chapter 7 case.

Prepare My Chapter 7 is not a law firm. Our role is to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms for our clients. We do not manage bankruptcy cases or give legal advice.

Prepare My Chapter 7 does not complete Chapter 11 and 13 forms for non-attorney filers.


Prepare My Chapter 7 – Your Non-Attorney Bankruptcy Solution

Our mission is to provide people who file bankruptcy with ethical and affordable access to the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Whether we prepare Chapter 7 forms for bankruptcy attorneys or non-attorney filers, we are committed to our work.

This means that we prepare all Chapter 7 bankruptcies according to federal and local laws. We don’t promote or knowingly participate in bankruptcy fraud under any circumstances.

Due to the extensive requirements of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we only prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcies for non-attorney filers.

Ready to discuss how you can file bankruptcy without a lawyer? 

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Are you carrying too much debt?

Let Prepare My Chapter 7 help you eliminate your credit card bills, medical bills, loans, wage garnishments, bank levies and more!